ACGN Members offer a number of capacity building and training interventions on corporate governance and related topics which are aimed at strengthening both Boards and Directors / Senior Executives, which include:

  • Open forums – Sessions open to both members of institutes and the general public focusing on capacity building
  • In-house training – Sessions that are tailor-made specifically to address an organisations requests and requirements

For training support across the continent, please locate the relevant country tab for training interventions and dates on offer and contact the ACGN member directly.  Alternatively, you can contact the ACGN for further training needs and support.

For further information you can visit Hawkama El Djazair’s Facebook Page or contact them directly on [email protected]

The Egyptian Institute of Directors offer training both in-person and via e-learning.

The Institute of Directors in Ghana offer a number of Capacity Development Programmes in corporate governance and related topics through courses, television programmes, books and publications.


Periodic updates on training interventions and events can be found on l’Institut National des Administrateurs de Cote d’Ivoire (INAD-CI) Facebook Page.

The Institute of Directors in Kenya offer a number of training interventions and tailored services.

The Mauritius Institute of Directors offer training and certification programmes, workshops and networking events.

l’Institut Marocain des Administrateurs: 

  • – Evaluation du conseil et des organes de gouvernance
  • – Formations Ciblées
  • – Formation certifiante pour les administrateurs de sociétés

 Contact : M. Mehdi Sahli. Tel : +212 537 56 32 89 Email :  [email protected]

The Institute of Directors in Mozambique (IODmz) offers courses on corporate governance, leadership, ethics and compliance.  Below is the calendar of their Senior Executive and Director Development Programme and further information on Board Evaluation services offered.

More information on IODMz Board Evaluation

The Institute of Corporate Governance (Namibia) can assist with training and advisory services on corporate governance, leadership, ethics and compliance. 

The Institute of Directors in Nigeria offer a number of local and international Director Development Programmes in corporate governance and related topics through courses, training interventions, bespoke services and executive coaching.

The IOD Centre for Corporate Governance in Nigeria are  offering their Directors’ International Masterclass on Corporate Governance and Values-Based Leadership in Dubai (28-31 May 2019) and London (6-9 August 2019).

l’Institut Sénégalais des Administrateurs – Objectifs & Missions:

  • – Professionnaliser la fonction d’administration
  • – Une association de référence
  • – Fournir des informations de qualité
  • – Promouvoir le recours a des administrateurs indépendants
  • – Un sain gouvernement des entreprises

The Institute of Directors Southern Africa (IODSA) offer a number of capacity building programmes aimed at individual Directors, individuals supporting the role of Directors, Boards of Directors, Board Committee Members, Public Sector, and SME and family owned businesses.

Their programmes are offered through various channels including open programmes, in-house programmes, snapshot sessions and mentoring circles.


The Institute of Directors Tanzania (IODT) offer a number of services including, among others: Board Appraisals; Corporate Governance Assessments; Director’s Searches; Ethics Management; Information & Advisory Services; In-House Training; and Integrity Pledge Project.


L’IACE est un Think Tank qui a pour vocation de répondre aux besoins des chefs d’entreprises. Ses principales missions sont :

  • – Renforcer la communication entre chefs d’entreprises
  • – Favoriser l’échange d’idées, d’expériences et de réflexions à travers les manifestations (conférences, symposiums, journées d’études et rencontres) qu’il organise.
  • – Fournir des informations diverses sur l’entreprise en particulier et l’économie en général à travers les études et les publications qu’il diffuse
  • – Inciter les chefs d’entreprises à se recycler et à actualiser leurs connaissances en leur proposant des formations adaptées à leurs besoins
  • – Concevoir et mettre en œuvre des programmes de formation pour les futurs entrepreneurs tout en étant à leur écoute et en leur apportant l’accompagnement nécessaire pour concrétiser leurs projets.

The Institute of Corporate Governance in Uganda (ICGU) is committed to equipping Directors and Senior Managers of enterprises and NGOs with best practices in corporate governance and offers generic and specialized training programmes in corporate governance to individuals and organizations.


The Institute of Directors Zambia offer Director Development Training; Board Appraisal and Evaluation; and Consultancy Services in corporate governance and related topics.

The Institute of Directors in Zimbabwe (IoDZ) offer professional open training and development courses on Corporate Governance throughout the year for members and non-members.

IoDZ also offer tailor-made in-house workshops such as such as board induction and orientation and consultancy services such as strategic planning and board evaluation.



  • Exchange and share knowledge, information, best practices tools and resources.
  • Demonstrating good practice within member organisations and network
  • Building sustainable capacity to enable membership organisations to achieve their goals
  • Common platform for advocacy, initiatives and communications
  • Expand the network
  • Create a favourable investment climate (outcome)
  • Conduct Research